Everyone’s life is unique. Different people need tailored solutions to get through the day.
For instance, a person’s preferred coffee cup can vary significantly based on how they live their life. A construction worker may opt for a big, sturdy thermos with a screw-on lid that seals tight. Someone who works from home might choose a delicate porcelain cup. A truck driver may use a large, vacuum-insulated mug designed to fit into standard cup holders.
CBD oil is no different. There are a variety of methods one can use to take their desired daily CBD serving – each fitting well into a different way of life.

Are you worn out from the weekend frivolities and dreading going into work on Monday? Already mentally exhausted about the upcoming work social? Or maybe you just need to make the clock stop for a moment, have a few minutes to yourself, and get a good night’s sleep. No matter your lifestyle, there’s a daily CBD product for you.

If you put your sole focus on work or studies from 9 AM Monday to 5 PM on Friday, you might be a Weekend Warrior. Whether you pack your weekends with activities and adventures, focus on deep cleaning and home improvement, or volunteer in your free time, you’re bound to start slowing down come Monday. After two or three days of continuous, strenuous activity, your body will undoubtedly need some rest and relaxation.

For weekend warriors, CBD topicals with added compounds like menthol, lidocaine, and histamine dihydrochloride for targeted, temporary pain relief is the obvious choice. You can use these products at any point in your day – before, during, or after your favorite hobby! Daily CBD just might be the thing that gets you to Monday morning with a smile rather than a grimace on your face as you climb the steps to your 9-to-5.

Do you genuinely enjoy the company of others and love talking to people – in the right setting – but find yourself exhausted when forced into social situations? Are you uncomfortable when surrounded by unfamiliar people at an out-of-town wedding or massive work event? If you’re quite social when you’re around your friends in a familiar setting, you might be an introverted extrovert.

Sometimes the feeling in a room can change quickly. A quiet, cozy cafe when you first arrived can turn into a thumping lounge in a matter of minutes. If this sounds familiar, a daily CBD anti-stress routine including CBD oil tinctures might be able to help you in those situations. If you squeeze a serving under your tongue and let it absorb before swallowing, the CBD should reach your bloodstream in about 30 minutes – much faster than digestive absorption alone.

Raising kids is a lifelong job that requires unparalleled commitment. But since money doesn’t grow on trees, you work 40-plus hours a week to make sure everyone in the family has everything they need. Then you go home and literally take care of your family’s every need.

You are a freaking superhero!

But you probably aren’t a superhuman with unlimited endurance. And with everyone depending on you, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of your game.

As busy as you are, you need to remember that your health, including your mental health, is just as important. So take some time to yourself, draw a hot bath, make a cup of soothing CBD tea, and make the most of your vital “me” time. Kick-off your CBD lifestyle relaxation the right way by adding a CBD bath bomb with aromatic oils to transform your 30-minute soak into a micro-vacation!


July 2024